Ambition Gone Mad

Everywhere we look, everything we see or hear, for the most part, encourages a state of desire. Scroll through instagram and within five minutes you’ll feel flooded with wants; a new car, a tiny house, a vacation abroad, great abs, you name it. Some of us immediately feel the depression meter go off, others let our ambition kick in. I’ve definitely been at fault for the second. We think if we get up earlier, work harder, save more, make a smarter strategic move at work, it’ll eventually lead us to obtaining all the things we desire, and in turn producing a state of happiness. I call it ‘Ambition Gone Mad.’

It works… for awhile. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not negating a hard work ethic. I believe if you want it, you should go out there and get it. But happiness comes from being present and making peace with where we are right now at this very moment. We can certainly change our body, finances and others, but without a positive attitude that accepts present we’ll never enjoy the ride.

I’ve broken the blog down into three categories; Spirit, Defense and Tour. If there’s a subject you’d like to hear my thoughts on, don’t hesitate to ask.

Peace and punches! 


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