Are We Listening

There once was a beautiful little girl who found herself lost in a garden. The plants began to consume the sun and before she knew it they merged to form walls all around her. The girl thought, “Why I think I’m lost in a maze.” And so she walked and walked, turning left and right. Panic began to take over and she broke out into a sprint until she fell onto the grassy floor crying. And then a little voice inside her head said, “Look up!” As she wiped her tears away she found herself doing so and noticed the walls weren’t that high. Could she climb them? Rocks protruded almost in perfect formation to create a ladder. And so the girl climbed the wall and pulled herself onto the top of it with the remaining strength she could muster. She rose and looked onward in amazement. Do you know what she saw? Millions upon millions of people lost in their own maze. And she pondered, “Why are they all lost?” And suddenly the little voice answered, “Because they aren’t listening.”

Peace and punches!


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