Are We Listening

There's an excellent short film called, "The Listening Hour" by Kelcy Valletta that I highly recommend watching. It's currently making rounds at film festivals across the country. Once distributed, I'll be sure to post a link. 

The premise is that life is happening all around us, all we have to do is open our senses to feel it. This level of presence, as I briefly touched base upon in The New View, is my primary goal as a defender. Although it’s quite contrary to what society has engrained in us. Many of us have learned that life is to be self consumed, but if this path was truly fulfilling then why are we plagued with a society of pop stars, actors and athletes that end up addicted to drugs, or even worse, dead. The ME path doesn't work. 

Let's listen to the world around us and be present in each and every moment. I believe this is a more fulfilling road to walk down. Looking for a good book? Don’t forget about Books On My Shelf

Peace and punches!


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