Bad Sex Karma

An old friend of mine spent two years of his life decimating his sexual health. At least that’s what I call it. It’s similar to mental and physical health, only encompasses our sexual components. He created a profile on as many dating/hook-up sites he could find. He would email a dozen girls a day. “Gotta have leads Colton! Gotta have leads!” He didn’t care about physical attributes, all he wanted was volume. I wouldn’t call him a 10, but he certainly tips the scale at a 7, and with his newly acquired Mercedes, intended to attract those who’d assume a material item represented wealth and stability, most probably saw him as an 8. Let me add, he earned his college degree in accounting and runs his own business. Shoot, I can see how he really does fall into that 10 category. One catch, he only wants sex, and not just casual, consensual sex. He likes to role play!

Now I’ve always wondered why women were attracted to this sort of thing, because most of the guys I know who like whips and chains aren’t dominant men in real life. They’re putting on a show. That’s why they need the accessories. So ladies, if you’ve never looked at it from this point of view, I hate to ruin your fantasy, but good men that are strong men and can back it up in a real life confrontation, aren’t going to wear leather chaps in the bedroom. (Insert laugh here.)

His numbers soared! I think he stopped counting at over 250. Then, it just stopped working. Well, almost. He needed to raise the stakes to keep himself aroused. I’m not going to get into the details. Not my taste, not my style. But there’s a lesson in here we all can learn from.

He mentally began to check out. And along the way he began to abuse his façade. He’ll say he was up front about his escapades but when a girl is 20, broke, and looking for guidance in all the wrong places, as an older man you shouldn’t “lend a hand” in return for a three way that’s mentally and physically abusive. And that’s why I believe the downward spiral began to happen. First, it was physical impotence. Then, came a business lawsuit. Next up, an emotional break down. And he’s been fighting ever since to get back to a place of mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Everything we do in life has a price. Part of being a good person, is making good choices for all living things. To the guys, women are emotional beings. They aren’t meant to be recycled through. And if they can ‘hit it and quit it’, usually there’s a reason. Don’t add to their pain for your own personal fulfillment. It’ll catch up to you. It always does.

Peace and punches! 


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