Before Relationships

The average length of a marriage in the US is 8 years. I believe it’s because people are engrossed in their own fulfillment more than that of their spouses. But isn’t that what it means to love, to place another persons needs - not wants - but NEEDS, above ours? I think so. But how can we do that when society is planting “Seeds of Attention”. We all seem to be consumed by them. Granted, sometimes we are simply genuinely sharing with the ones we love and care about. But many of us convey a private thought, feeling, moment, whether it be in text or pic, in public because somewhere inside we’re not complete. I’ve been at fault. And we feel by sharing this we have like minds supporting our path. A simple ‘like’ has become more valuable than a phone call, let alone the ability to be 100% present with someone we care about. And all we really want is love, but how can we receive it when we’re exhausted with a personal pursuit for acceptance and attention. If we want the kind of love that will result in a sustainable partnership then we need to turn inward and focus on self-fulfillment without the need for outside validation. Thinking…  

Peace and punches! 


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