Books On My Shelf

When I moved it was time to say goodbye to many things, not so much out of fiscal necessity as a spiritual one. I Said Goodbye to Sam and while I tried to Say Goodbye to Hank, he just didn't go. So, I brought him with me. Honestly, he still makes me smile. 

Amongst some of the items I chose to keep were roughly 250 books in my personal library. I've kept the ones over the years that have served as my life manuals. I know a books purpose is to be read, not sit on a shelf, but I use them as references from time to time to refresh myself on the lessons I've learned along the way. 

Still, I can't justify keeping so many out of the hands of avid readers who might benefit from their pages equally. I've decided I'm going to pass them on one person at a time. I believe we receive the most when we give without expecting anything in return. If there's something you're looking for and you need a guide, drop me a line. I might have a book for you. 

Peace and punches!


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