Brand or Balance

Nowadays we compartmentalize everything in hopes to find our audience, build a brand, and increase our revenue. You'll see public speakers on motivation, real estate, finance, and even self-defense. It makes good business sense, but that doesn’t always carry over to these so-called experts’ personal lives. When the curtain is pulled back, more times than not, we find out the motivator has an addiction to prescriptions drugs, the real estate mogul lost his fortune, the finance expert has been leveraging his fan base to push and pull the stock market in his favor, and the self defense instructor spends more time taking pictures of themselves in exotic places than doing outreach in the communities that could benefit the most from feeling more physically capable. It's quite the conundrum! When it boils down to it, I believe all of these experts, something I definitely DON'T consider myself to be, are missing one key ingredient, balance. And that’s one of the reasons I created Good Men Brotherhood, DC. Yes, we study hand-to-hand combat, a skill set I believe empowers people to release their ego, desire for material wealth, and get back in tune with their instinctual awareness and ability to be fully present in the moment with those they love. But the root of it is about sharing a code of love, honor, respect and only if necessary, defense. And, I believe this simple way of life relates to everything we do. 

Peace and punches!


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