Choosing Directions

The majority of my life I’ve tried to fit in. When I was young I strived to be athletic. I wasn’t. In my teens I found the arts. That seemed to resonate. But as I moved down the path to turn creating into a profession I realized my core principles weren’t parallel to those in the entertainment industry. I spent over a decade trying to be what they wanted only to realize that what they wanted wasn’t the type of person I admired. Around this time other events happened in my life that I’ve noted in previous posts. They helped me to define my own way of life.

Who we are really is who we choose to be. Yeah, we can get ourselves in deep waters and often feel like we’re just trying to stay afloat. But if we start paddling in the right direction eventually we’ll reach the island our sights were set on. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to focus. When doubt arises I ask myself, “Does moving in this direction make me feel calm and centered?” If the answer is yes than I know I’ve chosen the right destination. If the answer is no, I quickly re-direct the sail. Occasionally I have to remember to put down my feet and stand tall. Because if I have food, shelter and my health, I’m already on the island. That’s when I remind myself to stop swimming in puddles.

Both analogies remind us to check in. Where are you headed today?

Peace and punches!


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