Conform To Function

In my last post Boil Over, I received a comment on how it’s necessary to conform to some extent to function within society. At first I was in complete agreement but upon further reflection I couldn’t help but wonder how much validity it held.

I drafted a long list of inspirations in my life and reflected upon their accomplishments. As a martial artist Bruce Lee combined over 24 styles that today was the inspiration behind the fastest growing sport in the world, MMA. Kurt Kobain could careless how he was perceived and yet over two decades later teens still crush on the grunge his soul created. And one of the most masterful filmmakers in Hollywood, Clint Eastwood, does anything but comply. It’s his way or the highway as he’s one of the only directors Warner Brothers Execs give complete creative control.

Now, two of the three died young. I can’t battle that their way of life lead to function. It did however, carve a path that others followed. Ultimately, I think we need to define function. If we live by the motto that to live permanent we must be permanent by realizing that the person who is the happiest is fulfilled by the least, as I discussed in Are You Free? Are You Alive?, than function is subjective.

Do these posts make you wonder? Me too!

Peace and punches! 


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