Controlling Conversations

Possessing the ability to steer a conversation away from conflict is perhaps one of the greatest forms of defense. For the majority of us, it's our mouth that gets us into trouble. And that happens when our mind overrides our spirit. Our spirit is alive and present completely submerged in the now. It places value on inner peace more than happiness and unhappiness because it accepts that life is full of emotional highs and lows and without them we wouldn't be living. But in today's modern world we have lost touch with our spirit and instead allowed our conscious mind to take precedence. Now, the mind wouldn’t be such a bad place if not controlled by our ego. It's what convinces you that perception is reality. Maybe so, and maybe that works for you. When someone presses back against my inquiry on their potential ego I always ask the following. Do you feel enveloped by inner peace? Are you able to sleep easy at night and wake with warmth and inspiration no matter your emotional state? If so, then you may have mastered your ego. If not, then it is alive and present. I know mine is. That’s something I work on daily.

I titled this controlling conversations, but in order to do that we must first confront the nature in which we approach them, to learn and grow, emanating from spirit, or to be heard and win, operating from ego. In the next couple of days see if every conversation you attempt to have can be from the first rather than the later. If not, say nothing. In regards to combat I touched base on this principle in Silence Not Violence. We must remember that true defense begins with inner exploration. That’s why we have to Keep Chipping Away

Peace and Punches!


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