Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

Please don't get distracted by all the recent political drama. We're at the edge of the stock markets cyclical downturn. Real estate similarly is at a market high since the correction in '08. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm not a finance expert. But if you look on a graph at the last 75 years you’ll see a trend. The roller coaster has been on a steady climb. It's time for an adjustment.

I'd wait on new investments unless you're 10 years out from desiring a return. If you want to try and time the market for greater gains, transfer your funds to the safest investment you can find. If you see yourself moving in the next five years and have equity, sell. Rent and wait. My projection is that by the end of ’18 it will be a buyers market. Sure, interest rates might be higher, but that’s relative to the properties cost. And if you save on the buy it’s always easier to pay it off. Remember, we want interest rates higher, that’ll strengthen our dollar.

Lock down on frivolous spending and save, save, save. Don’t tear up your credit cards, rather keep them in a drawer. You might need them to help weather the storm! Also, start thinking about alternative sources of income. Many of us will see a decline in our earnings. It’s coming. Be ready to help your friends and family. When it happens, they’ll need your strength. 

Peace and punches!


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