Defensive Fire

Ever hear an opinion and feel enraged? After witnessing the world's reaction to America’s last election I think it's fair to say the majority of the population does. My question is why? I made a list. There’s dozen of reasons! But if we dig a little deeper we’ll find most revolve around feeling defensive, whether it’s for others or ourselves. Sometimes we’re justified. Still, I pondered and came to the realization that how we react during this feeling of defensiveness is a direct example of our personal evolution.

It's hard to meet an adversary with an open heart and mind, but to do anything less, is to be less than. Very difficult, I know. I’m realizing though that when I feel defensive, most of the time it's from an old, outside judgement. We have to make peace with those! We can’t add fire to fire. We need to conjure up some water, mixed with a lot of love.

Peace and punches!


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