Fifth Stop... And Some MayThugger vs McCracker


With MayThugger vs McCracker only days away probably one of the most misunderstood topics surfacing online is the difference between a boxer and a mixed martial artist. First and foremost, they’re both sport fighters. That means they play by the rules. I list all of them in the members portal. Why? Simply put if you’re ever in a life or death situation with a sport fighter the best advantage you have will always be to execute that which they think of as ‘illegal’. Also, rules are in place for a reason, to limit permanent destruction. Always remember in real life combat there are no rules, rounds or referees which is why it’s imperative to grasp The Life Line

Lets zoom out. Perspective always gives us a clearer picture. MayThugger has spent his entire life studying the art of punching. McCracker has divided his focus amongst punching, kicking, elbowing, wrestling, jiu jitsu, and more. While his arsenal is diverse he probably has no more than 1/10th the amount of time invested as Thugger in his punching game. Could there be a wild haymaker that connects knocking Floyd Focused Way Too Much on Money, out? Absolutely! Would I bet my savings on it? Definitely not. Boxing is the most important sport skill set a defender can grasp! That’s probably why I ventured into another boxing gym for my fifth stop.  

After moving I ventured into a new neighborhood, walked into a weight lifting gym, Maximum Fitness, and found a quant boxing gym inside equipped with all the essentials. Hans Hammer is the resident coach. He always shakes your hand and says hi - mad respect for that! Similar to All In Boxing, it’s geared more towards civilians, but the main gym is crawling with off duty cops and vets so every now and again someone lingers in to unload. 

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I renamed them MayThugger and McCracker, it’s because I believe men in the lime light should always do their best to serve as positive male role models for our youth. These two men are undoubtedly broken.

Peace and punches!


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