Knife Fighting

I was recently talking shop with the Fight Professor, Stephen Quadros, original host for the Pride Fighting Championships along side Bas Rutten. We met in 2012 rotating rounds on a single heavy bag inside Crunch Gym – Burbank. He’s a walking, talking fight encyclopedia! While I heard about the origination of UFC training under Paul Vunak, Stephen was actually there. And with over two decades of coverage since, I’m sure you can imagine the amount of fascinating fight stories he has to share. Our recent conversation lent itself to more than sport though.

The topic of knife fighting came up. During the recent open house I attended at Anytime Fitness – Scottsdale, someone asked me about what it takes to be a great knife defender. I shared my conversation with Stephen and then revealed a contended truth, I’d rather face a man close range wielding a gun than a knife. Surprisingly, Stephen agreed.

He went on to tell me about a friend of his that was former French Legion. While being stationed in Somalia a man attacked him with a knife. He used his radius and ulna on the knife hand side to repeatedly strike the attackers arm while simultaneously causing damage with the opposite hand. His friend survived to tell the story, but said that his arm was completely black and blue. From what I gathered it was a close call.

We can never forget about the hormonal induced heart rate. Once the adrenaline dumps and the heart rate spikes past 125 beats per minute our finite motor skills are gone. Complex isn’t too far off at over 145 beats per minute. All those Kali disarms follow. It’s gross motor against gross motor, which is why it’s imperative that we know which tools to use to meet force on force so that we cause immediate damage to escape.

Maybe one of these days Stephen will chime in with a post of his own. I feel honored to have a man like him in my corner.

Peace and punches! 


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