Learn from Crisis

In 2004, 30 Islamic terrorists, mostly Ingush and Chechen, took over 1100 people hostage (including 777 children) inside a Beslan School. Their intent was to negotiate the removal of Russian soldiers from their native country of Chechnya. Similarly to the American governments policy, Russia doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. After fifty hours of stalemate, an explosion erupted into a battle that resulted in the death of 330 hostages, 186 of which were children. 

We want to believe that our government will always do what's right, but what's right for the greater good, isn't always what's right for those we love and cherish. And don't take my word for it, ask any soldier that's been deployed. War is business and business doesn't always fall in the favor of the hero, let alone the civilian. 

What can we do? We can empower ourselves. Which is why the heart of Good Men Brotherhood is hand-to-hand combat. If we remove the children from the equation there was a 10 to 1 hostage to terrorist ratio in Beslan. Granted, the Chechen terrorists were armed, but nobody can take down 10 on coming attackers at short range unless they're attacking simultaneously from the same angle, and in a crowd scenario that's never the case. 

At the first sign of attack, organized or not, you have three options: 1) Rush the assailant. Get inside the line of danger and go for the vitals. 2) Play prey and wait for the opening to rush the assailant. This might allow you to be more strategic in setting up your counter attack, but in a multi-person scenario I don't recommend it because while you're setting up your line of defense, they'll be setting up theirs too. For instance, in the school siege they wired the hostage holding area with bombs. 3) Trust that those in charge will come to terms for your release. That certainly didn’t pan out too well for the hostages in Beslan. It’s your life. It’s your choice.

Peace and punches! 


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