Man vs Boy

Contrary to popular opinion I don’t believe life is grey. It’s black and white. We wake up and do our best to lead from love or we don’t. And when it comes to defining the line between a man and a boy, the distinction is just as clear. A man does what’s best for his pack. A boy does what he feels.

Now, some men are broken. Some women are too. And when they wake up, they’re faced with demons. But no matter how hard those demons pull on us, it’s our job to do what’s right. This doesn’t happen over night. It can take days, months, even years. But we can’t allow ourselves to make excuses. We can’t get caught saying, “Oh, I kind of did the right thing.” Or, “Most of the time I do what’s best for my pack.” That’s a boy trying to be a man. Try dies with do. Let’s all do our best every day.

I suppose this post resonates with tough love. I believe in it.

Peace and punches!


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