My Stuff, Their Junk

George Carlin said it best, "Have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?” In preparation for the move and up coming tour I’m going through every shelf, box, compartment possible from my house to the garage, even my jeep. Mostly, it’s just a bunch of stuff.

On the first pass I see every item’s sentimental value. “Oh, I received this when...” or “Yeah, I remember that…” And if it’s not sentimental, than it must serve a purpose. Sure, one hammer is necessary, but three? I’m Choosing Not to Conform so why am I placing so much value on stuff? I asked, Are You Free? Are You Alive? Am I???

I’m a frequent reader of Financial Samurai. The blog’s host is a financial guru, a title I’ll never posses. But I have learned a great deal about diversifying my investments. And truthfully, it can be applied to all aspects of life. Everything we have costs us: initial price, maintenance, even the learning curve for gadgets and gizmos. While each item is unique they all possess an emotional price tag. And when our life becomes over run with clutter it creates adverse affects. 

My stuff IS junk! I said it. Sure, I’ll keep a box of mementos, some art pieces, and other necessities like tools and such. Overall though, if It hasn't given me joy within the last six months it needs to find a home where it's needed. How much of your stuff do you NEED vs. WANT? And is the WANT really worth it? 

Peace and punches! 


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