Peace With Death

The most dangerous man in the world is the one who has nothing to lose. Rarely do I begin a post with the conclusion in the very first line, but this is one subject I don’t want to detract from. Killers kill, fighters fight, talkers talk, and defenders defend. Good Men Brotherhood is a Defense Club.

The most powerful tool in your arsenal is not a kick, punch or take down, not even the ability to secure the optimal position. It is entering into battle having made peace with death. I believe this is the ultimate ‘Killer Instinct.’

This should NOT invoke recklessness. It should arouse CLARITY. Place yourself above the chess match and see what needs to be done to win the game – without worry of sacrifice. Winning is surviving, while protecting those we love. And if surviving isn’t part of the equation, it might be that winning is just protecting those we love.

Peace and punches!


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