Play Prey

In life and death encounters sometimes it’s necessary to play prey.  I know, it goes against almost all modern day self defense concepts. They teach us to walk tall, know where we’re going, use a loud voice when verbally confronting an on-coming attacker, to strike as the first line of defense. And in many cases they’re right! But there’s a line between pre-contact and contact that must be drawn.

Pre-contact defense behaviors relate to walking tall and knowing where we’re going. Even using a loud voice falls into pre-contact cues because the physical confrontation hasn’t begun. If people are around I think it can be a wise tool, but if you’re in an isolated environment, screaming isn’t going to help you, it’s going to hurt you. Your raising the hostility level of a confident attacker whom your pre-contact cues didn’t work against. Now, to impose force you’ll need to at least meet his adrenaline level if not surpass it.

Once contact has begun play prey. And by contact I mean once you’ve determined that most likely you’re going to need to use physical violence to escape. The Silence Not Violence post is meant as a basic tool for confrontations that typically don’t require use of force. The 1,000 yard stare deters most. But for those that don’t walk on, or for the ones that impose themselves by following us to the dark corner of the parking lot or breaking into our home, it’s best to assume a non-violent posture, put up your hands and plead, “Please, I don’t want a problem. You’re much bigger than me and I just…”

WHAT?!? You want me to act like a victim?!?????!!!! Yes, so that you can quickly check in on the optimal position to attack, lure them into punching or trapping range depending the arsenal you’ve selected, and give them a false confidence that will most likely make them drop their guard. You’re setting up an ambush. When the timing is right, let the swarm begin! They wont see if coming. That will help give you the upper hand.

Peace and punches!


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