Saying Goodbye To Hank

Hank has been a brother for almost six years, having carried me down both smooth and bumpy roads. He starred in a film after which he spent the better part of a year hibernating in my garage. It’s not easy being a ’69. I’m thankful for the point at which Hank came into my life, the conception of Good Men Brotherhood, DC. We spent many nights brainstorming of how this was all going to work out. But we had a talk recently and well, as the tour is kicking off May 27th Hank’s decided it’s time for him to nurture a new rider.

The journey begins in Arizona. Originally, my plan was to spend no more than two weeks per state but circumstances pulled me in a different direction that will keep me local to the desert life for at least a year. Still, I’m going to be dropping in to every major boxing, mma, and self-defense school to share the good of Good Men Brotherhood and learn from the emerging minds of defense. Thanks for always being there Hank. You will be missed!

Peace and punches! 


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