Saying Goodbye To Sam

"What! Wait, didn't you just say goodbye to Hank? And how many cars do you have?" I told you, I'm leaning out. Sam certainly doesn't fall in the category of My Stuff, Their Junk. He's been a brother! In regards to how many cars, I guess you could say I've rewarded myself along the way, winning some and loosing more. My dreams were never too big though. Many grew up fantasizing about a Porsche. Me, I always wanted a Mustang. And it's not because I couldn't of leveraged my prosperity, I just chose not to. I've always admired the man in wranglers with a $100 bill much more than the one in Sevens with a credit card. And I haven't always been that guy, but life and faith is revealing that path. It's not about what we have, it's about who we are. 

Peace and punches!


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