See Repeat See

Bad behavior is contagious! And unfortunately the majority of our less desirable characteristics come from our dominant care providers. I'd go as far to say that unless you've gone to therapy, chances are part if not many of the negative experiences you witnessed growing up have subconsciously permeated your life. And by negative I mean any intention, action, or word that didn't lead from love. Any form of behavior that didn’t put you first as a child. Because isn’t that the point of having one? Coming to terms with the fact that as an adult we’re now ready to place ourselves second and put the needs of another life before our own. That’s my idea of parenting. I think that’s why I’ve waited. I knew deep down I still had to work on me.

If I could give one gift to every individual on the planet, it would be the power to always lead from love. If that wasn't an option and I had a second shot, I would ask that moving forward every child be raised by a family that taught them to always lead from love. 

Sometimes bad behavior is embedded. Many of us just don't know better. Lets change that. First, we have to own it. Then, we need to break the cycle and acknowledge that what we say and do is a choice. We need to make sure our actions always reflect a better life for those in our circle. If not, we’re falling short. There is no excuse. For your own sake, don’t fall short. Lead from love.

Peace and punches! 


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