Shaking the Apple Tree

After my last post I had someone send me a rather confrontational email challenging my stance on the qualities I claim a good man is comprised of. Their main repulsion was the line, "Life is black and white." I don't feel the need to explain myself, but our club code is the root of my way of life. When I say black and white, I mean we're either leading from love or we aren't. And to me that's very simple to differentiate.

When I write, my primary intention is to shake the apple tree. I don't need to be right. I know sometimes I'm not. I don't need glory, not even likes. I'm simply trying to bring out the best in all of us by talking about things the majority of society isn't. It's not a race thing, a political thing, right or wrong thing. Good Men Brotherhood is about a good thing and trying to be better. My hope is that by shaking the tree every so often my world of friends, because we are all brothers and sisters, will think, grow and share their most precious apples.

Peace and punches! 


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