Silence Not Violence

If there's one thing that stands a close second to a man’s actions, that’s his words. I've made many mistakes along the way. Sometimes I still do, but the ill occurrences have become fewer and further in-between simply because I choose silence over violence. And by violence I don't just mean an unwarranted exertion of force. I mean words, and sometimes mannerisms, that can belittle and negate another’s spirit. All these expressions are powerful. We often forget how powerful. 

I can always tell where a person is in their evolution by not only the words they choose, but the quantity in which they choose to use them in. Nowadays men have become machine guns, blasting away. Teachers, especially those in the self-defense community, are notorious for talking way too much. They justify it by glamorizing the depth of their curriculum but in actuality they’re diluting it. The process in which we share should be as simple and concise as the techniques we execute when defending a life.

How do I apply this in the heat of combat?

If a man walks up to me and spills words of negativity across my chest, I say absolutely nothing. I just look. And in the look, I let him know that I've made peace with death. And if he chooses to cross the physical barrier, I'm ready and prepared to introduce him to his maker. I don’t spew words of threatening hostility. Those are for amateurs. Because there’s nothing to discuss if we are only choosing to use the skill sets we’ve learned as defenders to protect when a life is on the line. We stay calm, disconnected, adjust to the optimal position and only when necessary, strike with un-relentless reason.  

Quick recap: #1 Optimal Positioning, #2 Use silence to say everything UNLESS it's necessary to set up an ambush. In that case we have to abandon silence and play prey. I’ll cover it in my next post.

Peace and punches!


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