Snakes As Mentors

This weekend I was watching a Netflix special on life behind bars. In one of the interviews the host asked an inmate, “Why did you end up here?” And without hesitation he replied, “I had snakes as mentors.” It was obvious he had taken the time to reflect on his actions and realized there was another way. He went on to say, “I didn’t know any better.” And that’s true for most of us. I breached this topic in See Repeat See when I wrote, “We need to break the cycle and acknowledge that what we say and do is a choice.” My goal with that post was to encourage all of us to work first and foremost on ourselves. But beyond that where I feel many of us go wrong is when we don’t take the time to pass on our personal growth to those we mentor. Lessons don’t come through material gifts, a trap I see many parents falling into. They hand out iPads and cars, prolonging their kid’s sense of responsibility by paying part or all of their bills long past adolescence. Lessons come through quality time spent communicating, sharing and teaching the skill sets necessary to be successful in life. Take the time.

Peace and punches!


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