Symbolism Over Substance

This is a difficult subject to breach with the limited word count I strive to adhere to. A self-imposed rule of thumb, because I believe that a good man should share his truth with as few words as possible. But its’ root is imperative to explore.

Symbolism is defined as the practice of representing things, while substance the actual matter of a thing, as opposed to the appearance or shadow; reality. Nowadays it seems to me that we are more concerned with perception over profoundness. Think about our daily routine. We get up, brush our teeth, wash our face, women put on their makeup, get dressed, and go out into the world. Most of us follow this religiously. And we put stock in believing if we look like an image of success, we’ll be treated like one. But isn’t success defined within? And shouldn’t we be more concerned about people seeing our truth rather than our façade.

Looking good is important, no doubt. But how many of us include in our routine making the bed, eating a healthy breakfast, paying a bill or two early, glancing at the market to see what trends are happening on the financial forefront, even hitting the gym for a 30 minute workout prior to showering? Because those are the things that really matter. A tidy house keeps a clear mind, a balanced meal provides energy, understanding our finances helps us understand what is necessary to further our family and working out helps balance our whole being.

Where’s your focus day to day, symbolism or substance?

Peace and punches!


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