The Modern Man

Who is the modern man? The New York Times features a section called The Good Men Project. I don’t read the times, but someone brought it to my intention due to the name similarity. Their slogan is, “The conversation no one is having.” It didn’t take more than a handful of articles for me to realize we’re on completely different sides of the spectrum. I’d say as a whole they believe men are too manly. And personally, I feel the exact opposite. Where have all the men gone? Now the truck owning, gun-toting cowboys might come out and say, “What do you mean, boy?” What I mean is that if you have more money invested in tattoos and a lift kit than you do in an appreciating asset that is going towards supporting your future, you’re no more a man than the guy who calls Triple A to have his tire changed. And to the sensitive men negotiating with their three and a half year old at Target, “I’ll give you a candy bar if you don’t scream.” You’re no better.

The Modern Man is dazed and confused, mostly due to the fact over 50% of them were raised by single mothers. Moms, I love you! You’re the best!! But you don’t posses all that is necessary to help a boy transition into a man. Now you can supplement with another positive male role model in the form of a coach or mentor. Unfortunately, many of you didn’t. And it’s double sided. There’s some boys I know raised by dads who still can’t get their son's head straight because they wanted to be their friend, rather than their parent. Why the plague?!? I’d say mostly because society suppresses strong men. And rightfully so, because the only time we glorify them is when they do more harm than good.

If you’re a straight woman and somewhere deep down you feel like something is off with the guys in your ‘dating circle’, you’re 100% right! We live in a world that promotes bad male behavior all the while suppressing the good. Men don’t know how to be men. In a previous post I mentioned how they should make you feel calm. Well, they should make you feel safe and loved too. They should be mindful of their future. They should listen, but never be afraid to speak their mind.  And they should know feminism has nothing to do with chivalry. Agreed, brothers? More to come…  

Peace and punches!


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