The New View

It's been a month since my last post, although it feels more like a year. I realized that when we do what we love, our passion brings us back to it. Here I am, sharing, searching...

I first came up with the notion of Good Men Brotherhood, DC in 2010 after the loss of one of my closest friends. His passing was mysterious and unexpected. Was he troubled? Absolutely! Was I aware? Not in the least. I was consumed with building my empire; multiple real estate investments, cars, a personal assistant, all the perks that go along with "Success." That is if it's defined as 70 hour work weeks, mental stress and the inability to be fully present with those we care about. I hadn't grasped the idea of My Stuff, Their Junk or Walk Towards Relaxation

When he passed I promised myself moving forward I would always put people first. And it didn't happen right away because my life string needed to be unwound. I'd say while I certainly became more centered, it took me six years to fully be available to those I love and care about. 

April 15th, a close relative had a health incident that made me realize it was time to be present in their life again. And while that meant putting my national tour on hold, I've decided to embark locally and hit every fight club in the state of Arizona. Yes, I moved. Goodbye waves, hello Sahuaros! 

How do you define success? Ever think of writing your own code? I made mine public.

Peace and punches! 


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