There Once Was A Stallion

There once was a stallion that roamed the land looking to experience everything the world had to offer. In the beginning when his path crossed others he’d rush them and exclaim, "Hi! I'm a stallion. I'm roaming the land looking to experience all the world has to offer. I'm fast, agile and incredibly strong, look at me run!" And then he'd sprint across the plane and round back to find his new companion looking back in disdain. The stallion didn't understand. He was proud and eager to share his journey with others. In time his head began to hang low. So low that one day he walked right into a tree. “Owww!” he screamed looking up hastily. Before him stood the most beautiful hickory he'd ever seen. The stallion was immediately taken by the tree's presence. He was calm, centered and even when the wind tousled his branches, he remained incredibly still. The horse, rubbing his head from the lingering pain of their collision, asked, "Why are you so peaceful?" The hickory smirked, "Why wouldn't I be?" And the horse retorted, "Well, your trunk is planted in the ground. You can't roam the land or run or impress people with your strength." And the hickory said, "The people who roam aren't always at peace. But when they do, often they walk into me. I usually don’t have to tell them I’m strong. They feel it in their head."

Peace and punches! 


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