Third Stop... Boob Grab

"Third stop on the tour!" The train conductor calls out as the 10 ton behemoth screeches to a halt. Yup, a little past due but better late than never. The last couple of months have presented some challenges. I had to remember to keep my Life Credit in mind and be sure not fall prey to Ambition Gone Mad. Here we go... Third stop… Fight Ready.  

I walk into the club, beautiful facility. The locker room reminded me of a travel magazine spread on five star resorts. I wrap my hands, position myself in the far back corner and begin shadow boxing. Less than ten minutes pass and one of the lead trainers walks over, grabs my peck and says, "You've got nice tits." He had a kiss mark tattoed on his neck. I looked at him in the eye and said, "Who you been making out with?" He laughed, let go of my peck and practically blushed. I think he was surprised that not only could I take it, but was immediately willing to give it back.

Most defenders are nothing more than big teddy bears with swagger and given the opportunity, will razz one another to death. We all sign the waiver. If there's ever a real problem we get in the ring. But there never is.

As far as Fight Ready is concerned, while the floors glisten I miss the stink of a boxing gym. Moving on… 

Peace and punches!


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