Ugly Truth

The truth is ugly! And for years I’ve been guilty of keeping it that way. I used to say I was just being ‘honest’ or ‘blunt’. But my words lacked the key ingredient to making sure what I said was heard. And that was compassion. Sure, we can ‘call it like we see it’ or ‘speak our mind’ but what good is it if the person on the receiving end tunes us out past the first couple of words? If we’re holding ourselves to the same ‘real’ standard as our opinion than we’ll be forced to admit that saying it without the other person in mind is selfish.

Next time someone asks your opinion, or you feel inclined to give it, first ask yourself this, “How can I say it so they’ll hear me?” If the answer doesn’t reveal itself than it might be wise to wait. That’s okay. Timing is everything.

Peace and punches! 


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