Walk Towards Relaxation

It’s okay not to know what’s wrong. Sometimes we’re in a situation, personal or professional and something feels off. We don’t know what it is. And I’m not just speaking from a self-defense perspective, it relates to every aspect of life. Ever have a job that drives you crazy? Maybe you try to figure out why. You sort through the details, or if you can’t be level headed enough to do that, you end up wasting away nights and weekends stressing about co-workers and unfair management. Heck, maybe you’re the manager but just can’t seem to find the right balance between scheduling your employees, paying the bills and having a life outside of work. Regardless, deep down you know something is wrong. I believe this is our intuition telling us to walk in a different direction. Sure, we struggle in life, but the good we receive from a person, place or thing should always out weight the bad, at least the greater majority of the time. And if it doesn’t don’t demand yourself to make sense out of it. Life doesn’t always make sense. Just walk towards relaxation.

Peace and punches!


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