Where It All Begins

The enigma of hand-to-hand combat is that through the study of destruction man can find the bedrock of peace. This concept was first introduced to me by Paul Vunak, legend and forefather of Contemporary Jeet Kune Do. A name he says no one should “fuss” over. Peace through violence, such a strange proposition. I introduced it in my first post under the category of ‘Defense’ in Why A Defense Club. Now lets begin.

I’ll digress I give a rather colorful example of this topic in my hand-to-hand combat podcast, available to all club members, but feel it’s imperative to share with everyone no matter their level of interest.

Now back to the topic at hand, pun intended! In short, optimal positioning is being in the best place at the best time. I'd like to say it's the right place at the right time, but if we’re defending ourselves or our family than we're already two to three steps away from what would of been the best position. Tony Blauer, whom I pay homage to as the patriarch of many of the concepts I discuss labels step one as ‘detect.’ As a Personal Defense Readiness instructor under him I was taught to use my instinct, intuition and intelligence to ‘Detect to Avoid.’ GENIUS! But wait, I sat with it… for over two years… and came to the conclusion that if we are ‘Detecting to Avoid’ then we are living our life in defense and that isn’t the optimal position.

How does this relate to finance - Invest in energy stocks right before economic growth, not after. Historically, when people spend, they use, therefore natural resources are in greater demand driving the stock prices up. This is an offensive move. We’re actively seeking to position ourselves to gain, not avoid. We’re not trying to keep away from danger. We’re trying to make sure if and when we’re faced with it, we are prepared to take a one step action.

It’s a simple but I believe effective mind shift. Undoubtedly, defense is a form of awareness. And awareness is key. But before we require ourselves to be aware lets position ourselves through calculated thought processes to be in the best place at the best time. Example: It’s late, we go to the grocery, two sides of the parking lot, park under the one with the over-head lamp. Are we aware or choosing optimal positioning? Probably splitting hairs here. Now we’re hungry, we go to a restaurant, ask to be seated where we can see the front entrance along with the exit door. Awareness??? Not so much in this case because there’s nothing to be aware of, it’s not a parking lot, it’s not late. But by choosing to be in an optimal position if our ‘Spidey Sense’ kicks in and we ‘Detect to Avoid’ then we are closer to that one step action, which is to exit as quickly as possible.

Apply this to all aspects of life and I hope you’ll find why I sought to study, build and create a brotherhood of people thinking forward about their optimal position in life.

Peace and punches!


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