Who Are We Really

It’s a question I believe we all need to re-visit every so often. Are we the image we project or the one we're hiding from, or maybe all of the above? I can tell you in my experience many of us spend much more time controlling how we're perceived than doing the work necessary to actually become the person we portray. Sometimes this self-projection isn't possible. Sometimes we think, “I'm not wealthy enough, mysterious enough, or beautiful enough,” and the list goes on. But shouldn’t we first ask ourselves, “To whom?”

No two people are alike. And if we agree on this than we can probably agree that WHO we are in this very moment is probably more wealthy, mysterious and beautiful than who we could ever create. WAIT, there's a catch! Because some of you just said, "I'm not wealthy! I’m not mysterious! I'm not as beautiful as her or him!" You are to the person that's looking for the right qualities. And so I ask you, why would you ever want to seek recognition from someone that's not. 

I believe this is the key ingredient to happiness. Finding those that see the value in this uniquely alive and present person we are. Be your persona, but make sure your persona is 100% you!

Peace and punches!


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