Why A Brotherhood

People always ask me, “Why a brotherhood?” And I say, “Why not?” Ladies and gentleman, the world is full of turmoil! There’s not many positive places for us to turn to so that we can find a better way. And while I accept everyone’s way, I truly do believe there is one a step above. That’s the way of love. To open our minds, see people for more than their words or actions, but dig deeper and understand why they’ve drawn their conclusions. Intentions are what matter most. And once we understand those we can begin the process of educating those that make loveless choices.

Long ago a dog bit tried to bite me in a very vicious manner. I could of reported the incident. I didn’t. Instead, I asked the owner if they wouldn’t mind me training it. She complied. Six months later the dog became mine. Now, she’s one of my best friends.

The brotherhood exists to simplify life and share with people what matters most, to always lead from love. It starts with first loving ourselves, but I’ll save that for another day.

Peace and punches!


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