Why A Defense Club

My first six blog entries were categorized under ‘Spirit.’ The next six will fall under ‘Defense.’

I branded Good Men Brotherhood as a Defense Club because that’s our through line. My brothers, sisters and I study hand-to-hand combat. Not everyone is an expert, some are just embarking on that part of their journey, but as a whole we feel it’s imperative to be able to defend not only ourselves but also our friends and family.   

Almost everything we place value in can be taken from us, but history shows us that the last thing to go is our life. A man or woman with a moderately healthy body, let alone nurtured and conditioned, if trained properly can defend themselves against multiple, even armed assailants. If we look deeper we’ll see the added benefit, which I feel out weighs the first, emotional and spiritual stability. When an individual holds the power of life in their hands I find they’re much LESS likely to make mountains out of mole hills and much MORE likely to lead with grace and compassion. Why? It gives them perspective. It also keeps their ego in check. I’ve been to many private VIP parties where men of notoriety flaunted their money and fame, often times dismissing other human beings based on class. Take those same men and place them in a defense club where they sign a waiver and know at any time if one of their peers chose to, could take their life, and you’ll see their demeanor resonate with kindness.

The code is meant to put everyone on an equal playing field; love, honor, respect and only if necessary, defense. Defense isn't last on the list because it's least important. Quite contrarily it provides the internal confidence to allow the other values to emanate forward. 

Peace and punches!


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