Wolves vs Sheep

There are wolves and there are sheep. Good wolves protect the sheep. Bad wolves eat the sheep. No matter what you say or do a wolf that eats the sheep will always eat the sheep. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize a sheep eater right away because they might take their time. You’ll know by your interactions. Are they about how you can better them or how they can better you? Are they focused on doing what’s best for the sheep or are they more concerned about themselves. A good wolf will lift up his sheep by providing and protecting. They’ll stand strong and watch from the shadows. Silence will be their way. And when they do speak, their words although few, will resonate with grace and compassion. The wolf won’t need the spotlight. And they shouldn’t be taking pictures of themselves for everyone else to see and like. They’ll live for their flock. And when present their flock will always be at ease. There are a lot of bad wolves around. Be careful. But know once you have a good wolf the bad wolves will always wander on.

Now, replace the word ‘wolf’ with ‘man’ and you’ll understand the premise of Good Men Brotherhood, DC.

Peace and punches!


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