Boys are born. Men are made. I’ve lived. Most of the experiences were good, some not so much. But they’ve molded me equally. I suppose we’re all an old stack of records full of songs about trials and tribulations.

Good Men Brotherhood, DC isn’t for most, but for those that resonate with our code, I find it brings peace. We need to believe in something. And while I certainly don’t think it’s a replacement for faith, I find it to be a relevant addition. The answers are inside. The problem is that we’re surrounded by a society that’s asking the wrong questions.

I’m not here for recognition. I’m just here to spread the “good” of Good Men Brotherhood, DC. Peace and punches!
— Colton Wayan, President of Good Men Brotherhood, DC


Colton's artistic outlets are intended to help spread the "good" of Good Men Brotherhood, DC. Although founded in 2010, it wasn’t until 2015 that the GMB code and membership became public. The viewpoints and techniques shared come from Colton’s diversified background. 

Good Men Brotherhood, DC's hand-to-hand combat curriculum is based on the teachings of three of the most sought after Reality Martial Arts instructors in the US: Richard RyanPaul Vunak and Tony Blauer. Colton worked personally under all three. Combined their curriculum has been taught to DEA, FBI, DOD and over a dozen law enforcement agencies in the country. 

Colton's classic martial arts training began at age 8 in Karate. As a teen he studied Taekwondo under Master Chong, former instructor of the Olympic Taekwondo Team and later ventured briefly into Tang Soo Do under Bob Burbige Black Belt, Dino Haynes. In addition, he earned personal training and sports nutrition certifications through the International Fitness Association, became a certified Massage Therapist at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing, and has logged over 10,000 hours as a practitioner and health counselor. Colton possesses a Class A Finger Print Clearance Card and is a former volunteer on the security team at Streetlight, an orphanage for underage prostitutes.

His private instructors in health and fitness, whom he respectfully pays homage to, are Kevin Shepard and Moji Oluwa. He'd also like to recognize his friend and boxing trainer, John Pullman and combative coach, Christopher Hicks