What is Good Men Brotherhood, DC?

It's a Defense Club of like minded individuals committed to living their life by a code of love, honor, respect and only if necessary, defense. 

Are women allowed to join?

GMB was founded as a Men's Only Club because Colton felt there was a lack of positive male role model leadership in the world. His self defense teachings though have been embodied by both men and women. That along with the sudden insurgence of women in combat sports has lead him to believe that the 'Men' in brotherhood shouldn't limit candidates to the male gender. In short, yes women are allowed to join, but they must make the same commitment to code and respect the fact that GMB principles were initially established to assist men in leading their family. That's not to say there's anything wrong with a woman leading hers. We believe both should support and walk equally next to one another down the path of life. But we do believe in chivalry. We believe when a woman comes home from the hospital with her new born child that she shouldn't have to worry about opening the door or getting right back to work. Her man should be honored to provide and protect. It's not about gender roles, it's about men embodying quality life skills that lift both partners up. To date the majority of members are men. 

Is there an age limit?

GMB is a lifestyle choice that requires strength and maturity. Nonetheless, we believe if a man or woman can die for their country than they certainly deserve the right to join our club. 18 and older. 

How does one go about becoming a member of Good Men Brotherhood, DC?

First, they take the GMB Pledge. Then, they commit to studying emotional, psychological and physical combat, the foundation of our club. GMB isn't just about protecting the body, it encompasses mind and spirit too, the totality of man. 

Where does one study this type of combat? 

Members backgrounds include both classic and contemporary combat arts from Karate to Krav Maga to MMA. Colton's 'Guide to Becoming a Hand-To-Hand Combat Technician' is specific to the needs of life and death confrontations though. Members are more than welcome to contact him directly for guidance in developing a real life self defense training plan. 

What are the perks to becoming a member?

All potential members should read through Good Men Brotherhood, DC.


Members Only Apparel may only be purchased and worn by active paying members who've taken the GMB Pledge.

Is a 'DC' similar to an 'MC'?

A club is a club. There are many myths associated with the word. GMB is not a gang, nor does it partake in criminal activity. We offer love, honor and respect to all, and have the back of those that commit their life to our code. We also support those that protect and serve. 

I'm not interested in studying hand-to-hand combat. Can I still become a member?

GMB is a Defense Club. All members currently study hand-to-hand combat or are ready to embark upon that journey.

I think my neighbor might be a GMB Member. How do I know for sure?

A member's actions resonate with who they are and what they represent. Don't be shy, walk up and introduce yourself. We're about grace and compassion.