Welcome to the club

By taking the GMB Pledge, as far as being a quality person is concerned, you're a step above. Who you were no longer matters as much as who you've become. We look forward. Your life is now dedicated to love, honor, respect and defense. That's our code. Memorize it and hold it close to your heart. It should be the impetus to every decision you make. Ask yourself, "Is this loving? Is this honorable? Is this respectful?" And only if your life or the life of someone you love is threatened should you ever use the knowledge passed down amongst our brotherhood to defend yourself.

We are hand-to-hand combat experts. Our curriculum has been taught to DEA, FBI, DOD and over a dozen law enforcement agencies in the country. It's been cultivated by Colton's studies under some of the best real life combat martial artists in the world. 

If you haven't already, now is the time for you to begin your daily practice of defense. Focus on optimal positioning. Know the in's and out's of your environment. Assess potential problems before they arise. This isn't just physically speaking. Each and every day life presents obstacles. Navigate through them with grace and compassion. And be sure to log in to the membership portal to begin implementing the GMB's Training Guide on nutrition, lifting and hand-to-hand combat. Be sure to listen to Colton's podcast. It covers the key emotional and psychological skill sets needed in a real life confrontation. Here's the club code 7-11LHRD. 

Your workouts are important. They'll give you the emotional balance required to overcome the adrenaline dump quicker than your assailants. Always look for the solution. The problem is secondary. Remember to 'Get to the hit!' and stay in the moment of 'What's next?' 

The world needs good people again. Be one. Spread the word. If you see a person in supporter or member apparel, don't be shy, walk up and introduce yourself. Shake their hand. Ask them about their day. This is your community. If you have a question about your studies or heck, even if you just need some advice, don't hesitate to drop Colton a line on Twitter or Facebook. He replies promptly. Should a situation arise, know that all of us have your back. Welcome to Good Men Brotherhood, DC!