The Road Less Traveled


Welcome to Good Men Brotherhood, DC. We live the road less traveled. We believe what's good and just for one man, is good and just for all men. If you become a member, you make a commitment to do your best to live a life of love, honor, respect and only if necessary, defense. The bond is hand-to-hand combat, therefore members must be active in studying self defense or ready to embark upon that journey. We believe a person's ability to protect their friends and family instills a type of grace and compassion unlike any other. 

We believe in chivalry. The women in our lives should never be concerned about equality, we hold them above us, from the little things; opening their door, making sure they'll always have food and shelter, to the big things; planning for our family's future.

We don't lie, cheat or steal, even in the name of 'business.' We look people in the eye. We express through actions, not words. Sure, we'll speak up, but only to show someone a healthier way. Our code isn't about 'better' it's about 'good.' We're Good Men Brotherhood, DC.



Support is important, but so is accountability. Knowing that I have brothers striving to do right by their family the same way I’m trying to do right by mine keeps me grounded.
— Chris W, Former US Navy

Members only FEATURE

an excerpt from colton's hand-to-hand combat podcast, Episode 1 - 5 minute rule